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Website Maintenance Services

A website maintenance plan can be complicated and time consuming. You need to keep software and website systems current, perform ongoing analysis of your error logs and optimization strategy, improve integrations, make sure you have complete backups easily available and monitor for security breaches and vulnerabilities.

Or, don’t. But then you become a target for hackers. And don’t think you’re “too small” to get noticed by hackers. They love small businesses for just this reason!

Your company should have a website maintenance plan in place. If it doesn’t, Savoir Faire can help. We can look at your current content management system (CMS) and help you update to the latest version, as well as make sure you are current on any plugins or extensions that are installed. This will ensure better website performance and will protect your site against malicious attacks.

CMS and plugins are often updated to address bugs discovered during previous versions, and to add new features and functionality that might have been requested or conceived after the previous release. Updates to these systems are best done as new versions are released, utilizing incremental updates that are easier to perform and troubleshoot than major version (or multi-version) leaps.

Additionally, updates often address security issues. There are countless cyber attacks every day. Attackers look for vulnerabilities in software and find ways to exploit them. Software updates fix vulnerabilities once they are discovered–and hopefully before an attacker has a chance to compromise any of your websites.

If your website has been compromised, you’ll want to be able to restore completely from a backup. Savoir Faire can help you backup your current system. Backups allow you to restore your site to a point in time before the hack quickly, and with little content loss. Having to manually clean hundreds of files of any injected code can be a huge undertaking. Rebuilding a site completely from scratch will be even more costly to your business. Maintenance ensures you protect the investment you made in your website.

You might also need to do maintenance from changes your hosting provider makes. For example, a hosting provider might update server software such as the version of PHP in order to provide better security. This might cause systems on your site to “break” due to compatibility issues. Savoir Faire can assist you in updating or rewriting information to be compatible with the new software on your host server.

Website Maintenance – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Website Maintenance – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Maintenance isn’t just for code

Website maintenance services can also include SEO performance reviews using Google Analytics. According to SEO Moz, Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times each year. Most changes are small, but occasionally Google makes big changes that require a strategy update. This is another area of our expertise. Knowing when these algorithm updates happen can help explain traffic changes. We will make ongoing efforts to make your site more search-friendly.
Website Maintenance – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Maintenance isn’t just about the technology. Your content speaks volumes about your business. With so many customers beginning their purchase process with research done online, your website needs to make a positive first impression. Latest news that hasn’t been updated in a long time can say the wrong thing about your business, and it looks lazy.

Google can also penalize you in search results for outdated information and page structure. Regular website maintenance should include a review of site content to ensure it is current and accurate.

Whether it’s content updates, software updates or performance updates, monthly reviews and edits can be time-consuming. Not making those updates can negatively affect your site and your bottom line.

Savoir Faire will work with you to put a monthly website maintenance plan in place that includes regular full backups, regular software and plugin updates, and regular cleanup of files, cache and database. Keeping your website tuned up will help with traffic and customer growth. Reach out today for some help!

I was in awe. Wow, check out Coca-Cola’s website! The background color was red, the logo was there and there were a few paragraphs about the company that has been shilling soda pop since 1886.

Of course, I was looking at this website in 1996. The World Wide Web was new, dial-up was the only way to get online and sites were a static brochure.

Woah, how that is changed. Business websites have to be way more than pretty photos and fancy fonts to attract new customers. Savoir Faire will help you with a strategy to upgrade, overhaul and maintain your site to achieve your goals. (We can guide you through goal creation, too.)

This will begin with our discovery process. What is your main business challenge? How can your website help meet this challenge? What are your customers looking for? Is this a lead generating tool? Do you need an ecommerce system? Would a blog benefit performance? Answering questions like this will allow you to:

Attract prospective customers who are looking for what you offer via blog posts and other relevant content
Engage with them during their research and decision-making process via social monitoring and participating in conversations, or via lead nurturing during their decision making process
Demonstrate credibility with your online content by making sure the content is instructional, educational or has value to the customer (it must go beyond a sales message to provide value.)
Educate them to the finer points of your offering, or how and why you differ from your competition
Nurture them through a purchasing process with valuable information and resources  by using targeted, segmented email campaigns that offer personalized content based on the actions website visitors have already taken, such as filling out a form or requesting information
Stay connected and engaged with them when a client makes a purchase
Website Maintenance – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

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Website Maintenance – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications