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Savoir Faire is a full website design agency. We build content management system (CMS)-based websites, typically utilizing open source platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. Using a CMS gives you the opportunity to make edits to your site, add events, contribute blog posts or update it with additional content without having to know programming language like HTML.

We adhere to best practices when it comes to:

Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
We built a website for one of our longtime clients and after creating a vast library of content for them, we recently “beefed up” many of the service pages throughout the site. In a matter of days, we were thrilled to see many of our focused keywords jump up in Google’s page rankings — one as many as 84 positions!

While B2B website design from scratch is one of our areas of expertise, many times we rejuvenate existing websites to improve functionality, adherence to current best practices and Search Engine Optimization.

It’s Pretty, But…

Here are some common trappings of business websites that you may not have considered – and where we can help!

Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Website usability is an important aspect of web design and development that you really can’t afford to skip. According to statistics gathered by Adobe, “39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.” Also, page load speed is one of Google’s ranking signals.
Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Your site may be text-only informational, but it still needs to be compliant to the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A compliant website needs to a address variety of disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing loss and motor impairment using a variety of methods including: coding for screen readers, contrasting colors for the colorblind, closed captioning on audio and video for the deaf or those with hearing loss, and keyboard activated links and buttons for those with fine motor disabilities.
Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
OK, it’s not pretty. Your logo was scanned from letterhead and looks blurry. Your stock images are lame. Websites need to load quickly but also need to be visually appealing. Savoir Faire’s design team will make some modest but powerful changes to your site’s look and feel.
Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
I can’t read this. A big misstep some businesses make is having the same website for desktops as they have for mobile. Most customers are going to find you on their phone, so having a mobile-friendly site that is easily read and simple to navigate is essential. It’s also becoming more critical for Google as a ranking signal. This is a fix that Savoir Faire can take off your plate.
Websites – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Your site looks great, has top-notch info and Google can’t find it. Savoir Faire has developed strategies for clients to ensure their website content includes SEO-friendly keywords, without negatively affecting the quality of the writing.

Our three-step marketing process begins with discovery.

Learn why in this Ultimate Guide to Marketing Discovery.