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Print Marketing

Consumers tend to trust something they can hold and feel. While our primary focus is on digital marketing, there’s something to be said for a quality printed piece, with eye-catching imagery, smart typography and valuable content.

Savoir Faire’s experience in print marketing services goes back to before digital was even a thing, with collected years of wisdom on newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, posters, and in-store signage.

One piece in particular comes to mind. The goal was to market a way for prospective parents to reach out to every aunt, cousin and pal once the baby was born – without having to make dozens of calls.

A custom piece on high-quality paper stock was designed for a “baby phone tree,” that when folded, looked just like a baby’s wooden block. Sometimes you have to think outside the block – er, box – to make print marketing design really stand out.

Reflecting on successes

Savoir Faire’s clients typically require a healthy combination of digital and traditional marketing. One recent project involved overhauling a stodgy promotional binder (printed in-house and put in page protectors from Staples – gah!) and turning it into a glossy, informative magazine. With one team overseeing the associated blog, website and social media, that ensures the traditional and digital work together seamlessly.

Another client made a huge investment in building a classroom where they could provide free classes to clients and prospects about financial and retirement topics.

To help fill that classroom, direct-mail and online promotions were created with easy online RSVP options for upcoming classes. The collateral materials were brand-focused and followed the USPS mailing guidelines, allowing the production process to be free of issues and delays—and the events were a hit!

Print Materials – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Print Materials – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

No go logo?

Here’s a free marketing tip on print materials: No, we can’t just pull the logo from your website.

The files used on a website are not of high enough quality (resolution) to be used in print materials. Files for the web are raster files usually saved at the size at which they will be viewed and at a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi). This speeds up the image download time and makes websites load faster.

For print projects, files need to have what’s called an “effective resolution” of 300 dpi, but we won’t bore you with the math of file size conversion (yet).

Staffing a full-time designer, in addition to paying for a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Suite—the go-to batch of programs for designers—can be pricey. (And then you’d still have to outsource your content development and other tasks outside your designer’s skill set.) Savoir Faire has one of New England’s top designers locked in the basement, just waiting for your new poster concept.

Dead or Alive?

Print is dead. It’s been said for decades, and while the Internet give the print publishing world a run for its money some years back, signs point to a resurrection. (Valpak just let out a huge sigh of relief.)

Savoir Faire is peopled with mid-career talents who came of age before the Internet. We speak “print” fluently. We’ve also grown with the digital nation, so we’re perfectly fluent in that world, as well. Still, we relish getting a chance to visit the “old country” and speak our first language.

Believe it or not, print can still be effective in increasing your brand’s awareness. Signage, flyers, postcards, highway billboards—they can still work. And, while the death rattle of the newspaper and magazine industries was heard for a time, more than 20% of Millennials are regular readers of printed periodicals—which still include advertising.

Print Materials – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

The way people shop and make purchases has changed.

Has your digital marketing program kept up? Download our e-book to learn more.

Print Materials – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications