The Evolution of Marketing

10-Step Redesign Checklist

There was a time when customers would walk into a brick and mortar store to view merchandise, ask questions, and visit several stores to comparison shop, seeking the best savings opportunity. Those days are pretty much long gone. Today’s busy, tech savvy consumer is more likely to log onto a product page to seek information, get recommendations from friends and family on social media, and use a shopping app to locate the best deal. In other words, your customers are more likely to be online than in your store and if you aren’t meeting them there, you are missing out.

To look at the evolution of marketing means you must first examine the evolution of the consumer. The rise of technology didn’t just happen; it was driven by humans who wanted more convenience, more access, they wanted faster, better, easier and the steady, exponential growth of technology was the result. Marketing had to follow – it was the natural course.

From printing press to WordPress, marketing has evolved to indeed make it easier to shop smarter. And with it comes new and different avenues for meeting your customer right where they are, for getting your message in front of them even when they don’t know that you are exactly what they need to solve their problems. When you download your free copy of Make Your Marketing Matter, these are just a few of the insights you will gain:

  • The History of Marketing – Understand how marketing has evolved and why that matters.
  • What Marketing Looks Like Today – Find out the best practice strategies for businesses as they reach out to their customers.
  • How You Can Engage Your Customers to Build Your Business– Discover how businesses and customers interact with each other and how you can make it better.
  • The Future of the Marketing Industry – See how the marketing industry continues to evolve and how your business can stay relevant.

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