Make Them Click:

Entice Visitors to Take Action with Strong Calls to Action

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Google has told you that the way to improve your chances of appearing on search engine results pages (SERPS) is to create lots of good, relevant and interesting content. And like a good marketer, you've been creating blog posts, white papers, case studies and other downloadable content. But now what? Are people finding them and reading them?

Simply putting the content online isn't enough. You need to let people know it is there and let them know why they want it. That's where calls-to-action (CTAs) come in. CTAs are like street signs, directing your website visitors to content they might find interesting, pulling them through your site and their purchase decision process.

To help you understand where to use CTAs on your site and how to design and write effective CTAs, Savoir Faire has created this short overview. Complete the form below to download the PDF file.

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