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An Inbound Portfolio:
A Hubspot Inbound Marketing Program for a Financial Services Company

Without a streamlined and intentional online marketing plan to drive traffic and generate leads, Senior Financial Resources found their ability to generate new customers using traditional outbound tactics alone diminishing year over year. With the help of Savoir Faire, they successfully developed and implemented an Inbound Marketing program using the Hubspot Platform. The results were felt immediately, as the first year’s revenue increased by 20% and the following year the company maintained profits while the entire industry experienced huge losses.

Project Overview:

SFR Inbound Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & CommunicationsWhile Senior Financial Resources had developed a strong reputation in the local community, they lacked the online presence to make an impact in the digital space. Thom Brueckner was looking for a way to attract customers versus the pursue model he had been following for more than a decade. Further, he wanted to better qualify the leads he was generating. This was a perfect opportunity to develop an inbound marketing program to complement the traditional marketing the company does to promote its services.

The company had an old website with limited functionality and search presence. A new website would provide the opportunity to showcase the expertise of the company and set it apart from its competitors. The company would begin blogging, developing content and working to increase traffic, lead generation and, ultimately, customers.

The Project Scope:

Savoir Faire designed a website, fully integrated into the Hubspot platform and thus, ideal for managing all website content, including blog posts, educational resources, and social media all in one place. Savoir Faire created a long term plan for building Senior Financial Resources’ online presence, driving traffic to their website, attracting visitors and converting them into leads. This included consistently developing, posting and promoting relevant material within the financial services industry, as well as capturing Thom’s own expertise and showcasing the value of his radio shows, seminars, and presentations. Savoir Faire took great care to educate and empower the Senior Financial Resources team in the marketing execution. This project was truly collaborative.

Services Provided:

  • Website redesign
  • Hubspot platform integration
  • Inbound Marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Ongoing marketing strategy execution
  • Training and education of SFR team on Inbound Marketing execution
  • Content development, including blogging and educational resources
  • Hubspot execution including content promotion, lead generation and nurturing

Project Highlights:

Website Redesign on the Hubspot Platform

SFR Inbound Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Inbound Marketing Strategy Execution

Creating Opportunities to Capture Leads by Developing Relevant Content

SFR Inbound Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Establishing an Online Presence through Social Media and Blogging

SFR Inbound Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications


Even in its first year, the SFR inbound marketing program saw results, accounting for nearly $1 million in new premium. In the first year, organic search traffic grew and the company began generating leads. During the course of the program, the company has seen massive improvement in visits to the site from email marketing and social media.

Savoir Faire Take-Away:

The Hubspot platform facilitates inbound marketing programs by integrating those activities that make an impact on your business: website traffic, lead generation, lead nurturing and closing new customers. Increasing the online presence, brand awareness and reach of Senior Financial Resources has amplified their message and increased their lead generation.

Client Snapshot

Senior Financial ResourcesSenior Financial Resources
Senior Financial Resources is a financial firm that specializes in helping retirees and pre-retirees move age-appropriate money out of the stock market and into safe-money vehicles. Led by Thomas Bruekner, a nationally recognized financial speaker, Senior Financial Resources is comprised of a team that specializes in fixed life insurance products, including fixed index annuities.