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Custom pop-up house was a winner

When Savoir Faire moved into its permanent home after 15 years in business, we knew a plain old postcard announcement wouldn’t be “us.”

We needed something with flair – and a little sass.

The goal of the mailer was twofold: let our current customers know we moved to a wonderful new location and keep Savoir Faire top-of-mind for prospects looking for marketing services. We sought something that “pops” and stood out from the rest of the pieces of marketing mail.

The content and design team put their heads together for a solution. We landed on a pop-up house with a lift-up roof from redpaperplane . The product is clever. It mails flat in a rectangular envelope, and once taken out of the envelope, it instantly pops into a house shape. There’s room on the outside and inside of the roof flaps for messaging.

What really made us decide this was the right product was its custom design options. Our designer, Janna, was able to recreate our 1890s Victorian house’s exterior colors and look. Plus, she put the team in the windows of the house and Savoir Faire principal Stephanie on the porch to greet visitors.

Redpaperplane was so excited with the results, the company interviewed Stephanie about the project.

“This is my building! It’s the right color, has all the windows, even the bay window. That ability to make it ours was so delightful,” Stephanie told redpaperplane for its company blog.

The feedback from recipients was extremely positive!