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Creating a Consistent Brand Identity for a Custom Coffee Roastery

Without a consistent branding strategy, A&E Custom Coffee Roastery was in the habit of creating signage, advertisements, and product communications on the fly. This resulted in multiple styles of communication and imaging, a variety of logos, and a lack of consistent messaging. Savoir Faire helped A&E to streamline their brand image, creating guidelines for logos and typography, as well as outlining a guide for all future product and brand communications

Project Overview:

A&E Coffee Roastery & Tea had, like many companies, grown organically and had never given much thought to streamlining their branding, or the confusion that inconsistent branding can mean for customers. As the owner of a small business, Emeran was focused on the day-to-day operations of her business. Product promotions, campaigns and print ads often varied in terms of imagery, font and color based on who developed them, what tools they were using and how long they had to create them. There were multiple company logos used throughout these elements. As part of our work with A&E, Savoir Faire streamlined the company communications and developed brand guidelines in order to ensure consistent communications in the future, no matter who developed the item.

The Project Scope:

Savoir Faire audited all existing communications and developed both web and print standards for logos, colors and typography, and created a guide for developing all company and product communications.

Services Provided:

  • Typography, color and font guidelines
  • Standard and pop color palettes for web and print
  • Logo refinement and guidelines
  • In-store color palette refinement
  • Print advertising templates and guidelines
  • Consumer coffee and tea product communications
  • Wholesale coffee and tea product communications
  • Coffee bag labels
  • Vehicle wrap
  • Café signage designs
  • Website branding
  • Guildelines document outlining all elements


A&E Coffee Roastery & Tea now has a consistent set of company and product communications. Logos, colors, fonts and signage elements now present a consistent face to the consumer, whether B2B or B2C customers, whether online, in print or in the café.

Savoir Faire Take-Away:

A consistent, all-encompassing brand language, including logo, fonts and typography, language, signage and labeling is integral in creating a singular brand identity that consumers can recognize and relate to.

AERO Branding – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Client Snapshot

AERO Branding – Savoir Faire Marketing & CommunicationsA&E Custom Roastery & Tea
A&E Roastery originated with Adam and Emeran Langmaid, a husband-and-wife team who share their passion for high quality, small batch roasted coffee and specialty teas. The duo began roasting 8oz. bags of coffee at home for their friends in the 1990’s. This hobby quickly grew into a business, and the couple opened the doors to A&E Roastery in December 2001. Today, they still custom roast every batch in their original Amherst, NH roastery.