What is SFMC?

What is Savoir Faire? Savoir Faire is a full-service marketing agency that brings you the “know how” for your “to do” list.

Many business owners are overwhelmed by the speed with which marketing has changed in recent years. Those changes reflect the dramatic shifts in the way people shop and make purchases. The evolution of the web – and how we use the web – has empowered us all as consumers, but frustrates and overwhelms a whole lot of business owners. Are you one of them?


The literal translation from the French is “to know how to do,” from Savoir “to know,” + faire “to do.” It is first seen in English writing of Sir Walter Scott in “Guy Mannering” in 1815.

Break Free from the Status Quo!

The world of marketing has changed in recent years and many business owners and managers have struggled to keep up with those changes. Whether it’s reaching and engaging current customers or prospects, no business has been immune to the rapid evolution of how people research and make purchases.

Savoir Faire is a collection of creative, innovative and results-oriented marketing professionals with exceptionally high standards for the work we deliver. We’re entrepreneurial and determined to Make Your Marketing Matter.

Working with Savoir Faire will help you break your marketing habits, get a fresh look at your situation and develop new ways to reach your goals. We’re used to — and good at — guiding our clients through uncharted territories. We enjoy the adventure and you’ll enjoy the results!

Our Manifesto

Savoir Faire is an integrated marketing agency that sits at the crossroads of traditional and digital marketing, with an adventurous spirit when it comes to evolving disciplines. We’re educators as well as practitioners; we believe it’s critical that you understand the concepts and tactics we employ. When you do, you’ll feel comfortable enough share your goals and collaborate with us to achieve them.

We work with our clients to challenge the status quo and develop appropriate solutions to their most perplexing problems. We make the effort to understand your business and the challenges it faces before we make a recommendation. Our programs are sustainable and use the most effective mix of resources: ours and yours. We communicate and stay connected. We build trust and take your business to new places.

Our objective is to help you create the conversations and experiences that will turn prospects into customers, customers into raving fans, and leave your competition with no opportunity to intervene.

We are reliable, trustworthy and unconventional. We’re knowledgeable and approachable, and our work will turn you into our raving fan.

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The Team

We are a group of dynamic individuals that work with you to solve business challenges.

Stephanie McLaughlin

Stephanie McLaughlin


Bringing a background in journalism to marketing, Stephanie McLaughlin merges creativity with clarity for results that are functional and, more importantly, relevant to the ever-changing business world.

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Ben Adams

Ben Adams


Ben brings his vast knowledge of online strategy, digital marketing, technology and project management to help clients understand how to evolve their online presence and to overcome business challenges by applying online solutions.
Janna Hartley Welch

Janna Hartley Welch


For over 15 years, Janna has been one of Northern New England’s most prolific and creative marketing minds. However, Janna is more than a designer or a marketer, she understands the nuts-and-bolts of the back-office.

Corey Stulce

Corey Stulce


Corey is thrilled to be part of Savoir Faire as a new New England transplant from California! With more than 20 years of experience in media and marketing, he brings vast content-creation experience for traditional and digital outlets — from blogs for NBC, emails and social media blasts to national magazine articles, ads and two best-selling books.
Lucy LeClaire

Lucy LeClaire


Lucy brings years of experience in customer service, marketing coordination, and project management to the Savoir Faire team. Her attention to detail and client relation skills will help us soar to new heights!

Client Success

We’re humbled by the faith our clients put in us to help them achieve their business goals. So, we are dedicated to our craft, have high standards for our work, and we’re determined that our marketing programs get results. Click below to read about some of our client successes.

Client Case Studies

We track client success by translating clear business objectives into distinct goals. Measuring progress on these objectives defines success or failure. The programs our clients have come to rely on us for have been shaped and customized to bring success to each of them in unique and prolific ways. The collection of case studies here outlines a small segment of the successes that are achievable when careful, strategic and thoughtful planning work in concert with precise, tactical execution.

The A&E Coffee Roastery “Most Valuable Patron” Contest

  • 244%. The increase in social referral traffic to the website during the 25 day period the contest ran.
  • 663%. The increase in reach for the last week of the contest over the second highest week in the company’s entire history on Facebook.
  • 2,254%. The percentage daily likes increase for any day prior compared to any single day during the 25 day campaign.

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