Better LinkedIn ad targeting

Facebook has already developed ad targeting tools that allow marketers to create very granular, targeted ad campaigns. However, Facebook traditionally works better for B2C companies wishing to reach individual consumers. (more…)

Have your bounces increased?

Email marketing and list growth has come a long way in terms of how lists are acquired and new contacts are added. List buying has become frowned upon and explicit opt-in since CAN-SPAM became not only encouraged but required. (more…)

The new age of mad men

In the ’80s, technology advancements allowed media to reach people on global scales and enabled the creation of global markets. According to Avi Dan, this globalization motivated the five biggest ad and media companies to acquire smaller agencies, growing their share of global ad spending from 2% to 66% between them. (more…)


You’ve built your website using a content management system such as WordPress. It’s running great. And now you’re thinking about just letting it run. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Think again.

You don’t count

Website owners are often thrilled with website traffic numbers and key metrics reported by Google Analytics. Their visits are high; their average time on site show people lingering; and their bounce rates indicate people are engaged and willing to click through site pages. (more…)

Get animated

Video has become popular among marketers, particularly via social media channels and websites. Unfortunately, it is yet to be widely supported in email clients, making its use in email marketing risky. (more…)

From town hall to living room

Social media is changing. Facebook and others are encouraging users to utilize more private messaging and closed groups, creating more intimate communications in light of privacy concerns. (more…)

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