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Measurement & Reporting Solutions

At Savoir Faire, measurement, analysis and reporting are a vital part of the execution of marketing campaigns for our clients. In fact, each of our clients receives a quarterly report which allows us to understand — and share with them — what is working and what needs adjustment. For ongoing campaigns, we can also provide snapshot reports on a monthly basis.

Our reports provide insight into tactics that are not producing the desired results, allowing us to make adjustments to make them more effective. Sometimes, however, a particular tactic just doesn’t work for a client no matter how you tweak it. We use these reports to consistently monitor and fine-tune the programs so we can be certain that our clients are making the most of their ongoing investments.

Do We Really Need to Use Marketing Analytics?

Not unless you want an effective marketing program.

Data gathering and analysis is an important part of our job. Without data, marketers can’t know what is working and what is not, what needs to be adjusted and what can remain the same. Marketing analytics are used to monitor, analyze and measure the performance of your marketing strategy.

Analytics provide invaluable insights allowing you to optimize your marketing effectiveness while maximizing your return on investment. It helps you ensure that every bit of your budget that you dedicate to marketing is well spent.

Yes, analytics are an essential element to your marketing success. And, they are a boon of the modern era of marketing. The marketing tactics employed in previous eras weren’t as easily – or unambiguously – monitored and measured.

Measurement & Reporting – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Without measuring and analyzing your marketing, you are essentially flying blind, throwing out a little marketing here and there with no idea whether anyone is paying attention. If your business is like most, it doesn’t really have money to burn. Don’t you want some unbiased feedback on how those marketing dollars are working for you? That’s where marketing analytics come in.

We produce weekly blogs for several of our clients. A blog can be a powerful tool to elaborate on what you do and who you do it for. Website product and service pages can only hold so much information before they become unwieldy.

A blog allows you to add context to your offerings, answer questions your customers and prospects have and educate people (and Google!) about the finer points of your business offerings. Then, when you add monitoring and analysis, you get a clear picture of what your blog is doing for you and how well it’s doing it.

There are numerous metrics at all levels that can be evaluated and analyzed for every aspect of a marketing program or campaign. Dividing these into key segments can simplify and focus your reporting and lead to data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Measurement & Reporting – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

We’re Your Private Investigators

Marketing analytics is one element measuring success, but we utilize many tactics. For example, one of our clients was hosting events and producing informational content for clients and prospects. However, with only anecdotal information to support marketing efforts, it was difficult to gauge success.

Savoir Faire helped develop a client survey to generate hard data regarding client (and therefore potential client) habits, hobbies, and interests. This allowed us to develop action items to better serve content to those who want it, when they want it and using the channels they tend to use most.

Data measurement and data transparency are paramount to your success. Gaining a true data set that is both reliable and timely, is the difference between true business intelligence and guesswork. We don’t deal in guesswork; every marketing campaign is an opportunity to capture business intelligence through accurate and precise data measurement and when working with us, you will rest assured that if it’s out there, we’re measuring its impact on your business.

Improve your measurement practices with our complimentary assessment.

Measurement & Reporting – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications