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Marketing Discovery

In an ideal world, marketing discovery is the first phase of our work with a client. This happens via phone calls, in-person workshops, online video chats, etc. The client discovery process is our opportunity to learn about your business and the history of your marketing endeavors and the results of those efforts. It’s our chance to learn about your goals and what the marketing program is working to achieve.

Typically, something has happened — or not happened — within the company that would have you seek us out for a marketing SOS. Are you losing traction? Have you hit a plateau? Are leads down? Is conversion flagging? What tactics are working or failing? When did progress begin to slow?

Often, businesses have a concept of what they want to pursue in marketing, but during the marketing discovery process it’s not unusual for us to uncover unanticipated issues that need to be addressed. And, we identify opportunities that you’re probably too close to see.

Diving Deep for Your Success

We recently journeyed through a marketing discovery process for a client, a retail store with a significant online presence. The shop was looking to improve its email marketing program. We assessed the email portal they used, looking at lists and groups as well as their previous campaigns. We dove deep into their Google Analytics (GA). We also looked at a third-party service that controls the engagement tool they use on the home page.

We looked at the contacts that unsubscribed – and the reasons why – and then cleaned up the email list, removing bad email addresses. Next, we created segments for targeted emails. These were based on elements like engagement, email activity, campaigns already sent as well as other contact properties. The more data we have, the more effective we can be with segmenting emails, making them more relevant – and more engaging – to the recipients.

Discovery – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Discovery – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications
Next, we looked at click rates of the emails, at the dates/times sent, which sends brought in the most revenue and which products were the most-popular. Through analytics, we researched where customers were coming from to help the client improve their digital ad spend. Through this client discovery process, we also found that they were not utilizing some elements of Google Analytics, which could provide valuable data about what’s taking place on their website.

Advanced analytics is one of the tools we use to measure the data that allows businesses to make concrete decisions confidently. They provide better, deeper reporting and tell a more significant story about what’s happening on a website. Instituting this advanced tracking is critical to the success of improving and evolving a website.

Getting to the “Aha!” Moment

Let’s say you want a public relations effort to get your business on TV. We’ll ask, “Why do you want to be on TV?” Then, we’ll ask, “Why?” again. Bear with us. Finally, we’ll ask, “Why?” one more time.

That’s when we will get either, “I don’t know,” or the aha moment will emerge. You thought you wanted to get on TV so more customers could find you. Instead of PR, though, we discovered we need to focus on your website and get web traffic heading your way and then capture leads for your internal team to engage with and nurture.

Discovery – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Our three-step marketing process begins with discovery.

Learn why in this Ultimate Guide to Marketing Discovery.