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With the evolution of how we use the Internet, the way people browse, research and make purchases has changed dramatically. The Internet has become the central source of information for much of our society. However, the way businesses market to people has not evolved to match – and that’s where businesses get stuck.

Professional services is at the core of our economy; there is good news for advanced manufacturing companies; the future looks bright for SaaS companies; and, the hospitality industry may be booming. However, each of these industries needs to do a better job of aligning their marketing, communications and promotional strategies with the way their customers and prospects make their buying decisions. Savoir Faire has spent more than a decade offering B2B marketing services and helping companies in a variety of industries do just that. Scroll down to see a handful of our favorite industries profiled.

Industry Specialties – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Dedication, know-how and the creativity to help you achieve your business goals.

Hey, we’re not trying to scare you off! We want you to be informed, which is why when we build your marketing machine and help you run it, you will be consistently informed, educated and an important part of the progress.

Our goal is to help you grow your business. So, here’s a little math on how we can reach your goals. Let’s say you’re a $15 million company and you want to get to $20 million.

Your average customer makes you $1 million per year, so you need five new customers. Out of 100 leads, you average one new customer. That means we need to generate 500 new leads to get you to $20 million.

A sales cycle is two to three years, so we need three to five years to get you to $20 million.

Making an impact in the market means creating opportunities to interact with consumers on a regular basis. We need to know who your customers are, so we can create content that is worthy of an email address exchange. We need to know about their lives, so we know where to find them and where to place that content so they’ll see it.

We’re dedicated to helping you Make Your Marketing Matter. (You can track our thoughts on the subject by searching the hashtag #mymm.)

Industry Specialties – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Professional Services

It has been said that “America is a service economy with a product marketing model.” While products are tangible, and we can use all our senses to assess them, services are intangible and don’t really exist until after purchase. People may inherently trust products, but they are uncertain when they purchase services so professional services marketing must soothe the “worried soul”.

What you sell is intangible. It’s brains. It’s experience. It’s expertise. It’s the cumulative total of what you know, who you are and how you do what you do.

The evolution of the Internet – and how we use it – has fundamentally changed how people research, shop and make purchases. If your marketing hasn’t evolved to match that behavior, you could be missing out.

  • Deep experience extracting the hidden expertise within your business and people – and translating that into remarkable content.
  • Email marketing expertise in nurturing leads to become prospects and prospects into customers through edification.
  • Wide knowledge of social media B2B marketing used to effectively drive qualified traffic and site engagement.
Industry Specialties – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications


There’s a bright future in the advanced manufacturing industry in New England and huge opportunity for those companies that evolve their marketing to match how people’s research and purchase habits have evolved. The opportunity to gain ground on competitors comes from securing a stronger online presence.

There’s ample cause for optimism in the manufacturing sector in New England. The New England Council published a report with Deloitte touting all the opportunities and positive indicators for advanced manufacturing companies. However, these companies must remember that the web has fundamentally disrupted the sales cycle, the purchase process and how people research, shop and make purchases. While manufacturing technologies may be advanced, most marketing strategies have not kept pace. This presents a huge opportunity for those companies that evolve their marketing to match how people shop and buy.

  • Understanding your customers needs and defining clear objectives to ensure their success on your website is extremely valuable.
  • Effectively tailoring paid media advertising solutions can help you leverage the launch of services and products in a more prolific manner.
  • Increasing your content marketing output will allow you to gain momentum from multiple angles online, including exposure, engagement and bottom line ROI.
Industry Specialties – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS companies are under immense pressure to find and build a customer base quickly, whether to prove business models to potential investors, or to get to break-even. Since these companies – and their customers – are already online, this industry is particularly well suited for implementing inbound and digital marketing strategies.

Successful SaaS companies have spent inordinate amounts of time developing, testing and perfecting their core technologies. It’s why they exist and how they’ve become successful. The hurdle some companies hit is when they confuse development and application prowess with marketing strategy. Making your idea “go” online doesn’t necessarily equal market definition, campaign development or conversion from semi-interested visitor to paying customer. For this, you need to deploy a sophisticated marketing program.

  • Because SaaS companies are already, inherently, online, inbound marketing and marketing automation are natural fits for finding, nurturing and closing customers.
  • Audience definition is key to ensuring your marketing efforts resonate with your prospective customers. Developing buyer personas will help guide your efforts.
  • You’re playing a long game with your marketing. People need time to go through the purchase process so think “campaign” versus “blast.”
Industry Specialties – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications


In the hospitality industry, audience definition is hugely important to success. Whether you’re marketing to a B2B or B2C audience – or both! Your challenge is multi-tiered and the solutions needed can vary greatly. Implementing a wider breadth of marketing techniques can help ensure success.

The hospitality industry is well-poised to use the Internet to drive and grow business. Whether you’re housing, feeding, watering or entertaining visitors, your customers and prospects are doing research, reading reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations – and that’s all happening online.

Whether they’re enamored by beautiful pictures on Pinterest; reading reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp; or reading – or watching – the “best of,” “top 10” or “how-to” guides they find online, you’ll do well to meet your customers where they already are.

  • Strategies for staying top-of-mind and targeting consistent awareness throughout the sales cycle.
  • Content marketing principles that help you engage with your prospects and customers while they’re in the decision-making process.
  • Deep audience insight techniques that enable you to develop strategic messages and utilize the most effective marketing tools to reach them.