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Savoir Faire has whittled down the entries to five finalists in the Make Your Marketing Matter contest. One of the five companies featured below will win a year of free marketing services, valued at $75,000. The company with the most votes at midnight on August 29 wins. Which one will you choose?


Years in Business: 68

Industry: Electromagnetics engineering and manufacturing

Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire

Airex Corporation is a third-generation small business offering extensive expertise in engineering innovation and world-class electromagnetic manufacturing. They produce aerospace quality components for military and commercial applications, with the aim of delivering best-in-class technology-based products.

Why should you vote for us?:

We’re proud of our accuracy, attention to detail, lead time, quality, overall design and engineering capabilities and have been recognized in the Small Business Innovative Research community. Small businesses like ours are built on perseverance. Our goal is to compete at the highest level globally, and offer New Hampshire residents gainful employment and opportunities to enhance their future.

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ArgenTech Solutions, Inc.

Years in Business: 9

Industry:  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services

Location: Newmarket, New Hampshire

ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. is a veteran-owned small business providing environmental health assessments, infrastructure inspection, training and security services for the defense and commercial sectors. They utilize high-tech sensors, unmanned aircrafts and software analytics to produce end products crucial to making quality, timely decisions.

Why should you vote for us?:

Our team stays current with the quickly-evolving technologies of the UAV industry as well as the cumbersome regulations to fly UAVs commercially. ArgenTech’s expertise makes us stand out from the rest, but our current messaging does not. Great marketing messaging would help us rise to the top.

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HydroComp, Inc.

Years in Business: 34

Industry: Design software

Location:  Durham, New Hampshire

HydroComp’s software products for maritime vehicle designers are tested and supported by a team of experienced engineers who demonstrate reliable, detailed results, and a thorough workflow. Designers use the tools to confidently conduct technical calculations to reduce carbon footprints, protect marine mammals, and operate efficiently.

Why should you vote for us?:

For ship design with a “porpoise” in mind, the overall impact of a more-sustainable shipping industry resonates around the world and throughout all of our lives. Look to HydroComp for fuel-efficient transit, quiet waterways with reduced emissions, and the implementation of emerging technologies. Be a partner in telling this story.

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SFC Engineering

Years in Business: 25

Industry: Consulting Engineering

Location: Windham, New Hampshire

SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., (SFC) is a multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm that provides Structural, Fire Protection and Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Accessibility Consultation to private, commercial, industrial and municipal markets. SFC offers services including roadway improvements, utilities and drainage design, building design, permitting, sprinkler and alarm design, site planning, feasibility studies, infrastructure improvements, accessibility consultation and design, plan code review, and construction administration.

Why should you vote for us?:

SFC employs talented engineers. We are experts that deliver solutions to our clients. While we pride ourselves in finding and creating these solutions, we recognize that our skills are not without limit. We just cannot “engineer” marketing – although we’ve tried! We need help to tell the world who we are.

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Technical Needs

Years in Business: 42

Industry: Staffing

Location: Salem, New Hampshire

Technical Needs began in a family member’s garage and has been serving New England communities by streamlining the job search process for those seeking employment. Tech Needs also assists local employers find talent to grow their businesses and the local economy.

Why should you vote for us?:

We are a small, family-owned staffing firm with a long, positive history in the community. However, we need help to better engage candidates, recruit talent for New Hampshire companies and to create content for blogs and whitepapers. We could also use some assistance with geofence (location-based) marketing.

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Voting has closed.

Winners will be announced September 5

Contest Timeline

  • Voting is open until midnight on August, 29, 2018.
  • The winner will be announced on September 5, 2018.
  • The marketing prize will commence on October 1, 2018.

The Prize

One year of marketing services, valued at $75,000. The prize includes 300 hours of marketing services ($250/hour). The services will be organized using the Savoir Faire approach to marketing.

At Savoir Faire, we approach complex marketing challenges using our three-step process. We start with Discovery, where we learn about the company, its business goals and competitors, along with opportunities in the marketplace. From that, we build a marketing strategy that’s implemented in the next two phases. The first part of the strategy is applied when we Build the Machine. This is where we build or rebuild the digital framework of a marketing program. That could include a website, marketing automation or inbound marketing system, along with social media or email. The second piece of the strategy is implemented when we Run the Machine. This is when an ongoing program is executed, measured and analyzed, and continuous improvements are made based on results and data.

The services will be broken down as follows:

Discovery – approximately 3 months, approximately 80 hours

  • Deliverables: Discovery Audit, Digital Infrastructure Technical Requirements (web, social, email, etc.), Marketing Strategy/Roadmap. Technical requirements will be developed against the following benchmarks: business goals, user needs, platform, marketing, tracking, mobile, security, and compliance.

Build the Machine (website and other digital infrastructure) – approximately 3 months, approximately 100 hours

  • Deliverables: Based on the Technical Requirements developed during Discovery, we will build a CMS-based WordPress website, or migration of an existing site to WordPress, using the Divvy framework and a compatible theme. The site will include at least Backup Buddy, Yoast SEO, Monster Insights. Additional features and functionality may be added based on the Technical Requirements document and approval of any third-party costs such as WordPress plugins to extend functionality.
  • Advanced setup of Google Analytics account.

Run the Machine (marketing program execution) – approximately 6 months, approximately 20 hours per month

  • Deliverables: execution of the monthly ongoing marketing program, along with measurement and analysis of progress/success. Tactics employed will be chosen collaboratively based on the Marketing Strategy produced during Discovery.

Fine print:

  • Savoir Faire maintains the right to determine finalists at our sole discretion. Finalists will be selected based on the company’s need and how well those needs fit with our talents.
  • Voters must remain subscribed to Savoir Faire email through the duration of the contest for your vote to count.
  • The prize includes Savoir Faire marketing services only.
  • Any third-party costs are outside the scope of the prize and will be billed directly to the client. The client will be apprised of all recommended third-party costs and will have the final approval on purchase.
  • No travel is included in the prize. All meetings will be convened using digital technologies.
  • Meetings and services will be arranged at times mutually agreeable to Savoir Faire and the winner.
  • Mutually agreeable additional service hours may be added to the program during the year at $250/hour.
  • Based on the Technical Requirements developed during Discovery, Savoir Faire will build a CMS-based WordPress website, or migrate an existing site to WordPress, using the Divvy framework and a compatible theme. The site will include at least Backup Buddy, Yoast SEO, and Monster Insights. Additional features and functionality may be added based on the Technical Requirements document produced during Discovery and approval of any third-party costs such as WordPress plugins to extend functionality. No custom PHP, jQuery or Javascript coding will be included in the prize.
  • In consideration of the free service, the winner agrees that the fact of and details of this arrangement will be the subject of public articles or publicity, providing those articles don’t disclose any confidential info.