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Digital Marketing

Goals and Strategy

Digital marketing is not one tactic, like “Let’s do digital marketing!” and boom, we did it. It’s an interconnected web of strategies and tactics used to achieve a goal or goals.

For example, email marketing and marketing automation overlap. Inbound marketing and content marketing overlap. Digital paid advertising and social media can overlap. When used together, the results have the potential to be far more beneficial.

It is our job to stay ahead of the digital marketing evolution, so we can provide you the guidance you need to succeed.

Below are tactics we can weave together to get you to your objectives:

Content Marketing

Relevant, ongoing, search-engine-optimized content is integral to success in marketing today. Depending on your audience, it can vary from blogs to podcasts to paid advertising. Monitoring the performance of your content is key to growing your brand awareness and engagement on your website.

Inbound Marketing

Smart companies utilize inbound marketing, leveraging their websites and high-quality content to earn new business and maintain their current clientele. Inbound marketing allows for increased engagement and higher levels of conversion on the website.

Marketing Automation

The secret is out, utilizing a single platform to plan, execute and measure your marketing strategy and tactics is increasing sales and efficiency in companies who understand the importance of nurturing leads through the buyer’s journey. Marketing automation platforms are the key to nurturing leads to sales opportunities.

Digital Advertising

Paid media is one of the most complex online marketing disciplines, whether you’re using Google Ads, Bing Ads, a third-party platform for ad serving, retargeting or buying direct. The difference between spending money and spending money effectively is often miscalculated and can mean the difference between growing your business and being out of business.

Social Media

Social media platforms are at the forefront of today’s society from both a social and business perspective. Understanding which platforms are the most appropriate for your business to use and the distinct needs of the users you are trying to reach is crucial to using social media effectively.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing is usually categorized as an inbound marketing technique, it was born long before inbound emerged and has a strong purpose, regardless of its ties to inbound. One of the most important elements to improving ROI and reducing spend, email is critical for your business, but doing it correctly is where most companies fall flat, which can cost you a lot more than money.

Getting your digital marketing in shape

Your marketing program is a lot like a physical workout. You can’t just do an initial assessment with a physical trainer at the new gym, and then go home and automatically reap the fitness rewards.

You have to go back to the gym over and over again. You are going to eventually plateau, so your personal trainer is going to switch things up, add exercises, take some away. You might say to your trainer, “I want six-pack abs,” but, as she is the expert, she can ask you questions about what you truly want to accomplish, and instead of six-pack abs, she devises a system to get your muscles firm in other directions.

With Savoir Faire as your marketing trainer, once your marketing muscles reach a goal, we’ll move on to implementing new tactics to improve another area.

In this case, the different areas might include your website, social media, a blog and email marketing. You may be confident in each of these areas separately, but when you put them together, they reveal a completely different picture.

Your trainer can predict how you will perform and feel once you reach a goal, but new techniques for improving health and strength can emerge overnight, just as advancing technology alters the way marketing performs.

At Savoir Faire, we want to you to see what’s happening in order to evolve your marketing. Changing technologies can be stressful— there is no set it and forget it when it comes to modern marketing— but we can provide the tools to ease your anxiety in order to prove to you that working with experienced, accomplished marketers is the way to get — and stay— in shape.

Digital Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Where are the Customers?

Are you experiencing a drop in consumers talking with your sales team? Today’s buyers are savvy. They do their research looking at different websites to see who the quality vendors are. They seek advice and reviews from peers to get inside tips. They are downloading or watching free content that strategic marketers have created to attract qualified customers.

It’s time to Make Your Marketing Matter. At Savoir Faire, one of our clients was relying on the tried and true way of doing business — and found that tried and true was shrinking due to consumers’ steady march to digital ways of interacting. We couldn’t do everything for them at once, so we devised a plan for their goals, adding tactics as we saw success along the way.

When it comes to digital marketing, we will likely begin with what you might already be doing to  determine what has been effective or not effective.

Whatever digital marketing tactics we’re going to suggest and/or employ — whether we’re employing them all at once or rolling them out over time — are going to be based on what goals you are trying to achieve.

Most businesses are looking to grow sales, so we’re likely to turn your website into a lead-generating machine. A properly-built and maintained website can be your best salesperson, because it’s on 24/7/365, never taking a break or vacation.

OK, so maybe your eyes just glazed over because what we’re suggesting is big and overwhelming.

You say: “We’ve done some Google advertising. It was a total waste of money.”

We say: “Frankly, you managed it yourselves. You have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea about keywords, or exclusions, or times, or budgets or caps. Of course it was a waste of your money. You just shoveled your money into Google’s pocket. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or can’t work for you. You just need to work with someone who has experience with Google Ads!”

You say: “We’ve been posting on Facebook three times a week for the last three years and nada!”

We say: “Your business leads aren’t on Facebook; you need to be trying to capture people on LinkedIn. We can help get your page and message aligned to your audience.”

You say: “We’re trying to get noticed by industry press.”

We say: “Maybe you should be using Twitter, because journalists and editors are constantly on Twitter.”

Point made. This can all be overwhelming when trying to tackle at once. That’s why any marketing program we create for you — digital or traditional or a combination of both — is going to begin with discovery and then strategy. We’re always up for a phone call, too, so please reach out.

Digital Marketing – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

Our three-step marketing process begins with discovery.

Learn why in this Ultimate Guide to Marketing Discovery.