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Your Website Is Your Biggest Marketing Asset

by | Last updated Apr 9, 2024 | Published on Feb 7, 2024 | Websites | 0 comments

Marketing has changed dramatically in the recent past, specifically in terms of how consumers respond to information. Common methods of getting the message out about a company’s products and services like Direct Mail, Print Ads, Radio and TV ads and cold calling are losing their power. Most consumers use the internet for the majority of their communication, shopping and paying their bills online, e-mailing, and choosing social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as mediums to influence their decisions.

Your Website is Your Opportunity to Interact with Your Consumers

Your website can be a powerful tool – It tells your story. It pitches your products and services. But too often consumers visit websites only to turn around and leave. One-way sales messaging provides little reason for a consumer to stay on the site. With no reason to stay, there’s no method to transition this visitor into a customer. You want your website to be a marketing asset – something that draws consumers in.

Solution: Creating Consumable Content.

Content gives visitors a reason to stay. Today’s consumers want to get to know you and why you’re different. And they use the Internet as a vehicle to educate themselves and learn from “experts” in their field of interest. Creating quality content on your website allows you to provide information to consumers. This entices consumers to continue returning to your site, or to follow you through social media. As such, your site becomes a hub (lots of two-way interaction) rather than a megaphone (limited one-way interaction), fostering consumer engagement.

Your Own Expertise is Your Best Content

You are your own best source of content! What have you learned from being in the industry? How did you decide to differentiate your business from your competitors? What are 3 things most people don’t know about your field?

You are the expert! Your own knowledge and skills are ultimately what consumers will base their decision to become a customer on. Use your company’s story, skill sets, and history as content pieces to educate consumers about the industry and why you are a differentiated choice. Creating engaging content utilizing your own expertise and experience allows your products/services to sell themselves and provides a level of trust with your consumer.

Take the Opportunity to Interact to Create a Connection!

Online Content Ideas:

  • Blog Posts: 1-2 page articles and posts on new, interesting topics relating to your products/services and the industry at large.
  • White Papers: 5-7 page papers educating the marketplace about trends, challenges, and methods in your industry
  • Videos: 1-2 min. about your industry, processes and products.
  • Webinars: Live online PowerPoint presentations on a relevant topic.
  • Podcasts: 10-20min audio programs, “talk shows” or interviews on industry topics.
  • Webcasts: Live video shows educating or interviewing about industry news and topics.

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