Your website works hard for you. It’s time it worked smarter.

We often say, “your website is your best salesperson, selling and working 24/7/365.”

It’s available whenever a prospective customer wants to research a problem, find answers or learn about your business. They could be researching at 5 a.m. before they leave for work or browsing at noon, their time — when it’s midnight for you.

Though hard working, your website could, however, be your dumbest sales person, offering the same information to all people, unable to ask questions or to listen.

While the site might offer content developed for different personas at different stages of the buying cycle, typically the site relies on these people finding or discovering that content for themselves.

Using systems such as Hubspot or SharpSpring can make your site smarter. These systems offer the ability to tailor content based on location and contact data for repeat visitors, known contacts and even companies, allowing you to change your content based on their industry, lifecycles stage or lead score.

Learn more in Karl Wirth’s post for Entrepreneur, “3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Probably the Dumbest ‘Salesperson’ on Your Team.

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