You don’t count

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

Website owners are often thrilled with website traffic numbers and key metrics reported by Google Analytics. Their visits are high; their average time on site show people lingering; and their bounce rates indicate people are engaged and willing to click through site pages.

However, many times we find that their analytics are not set up to filter out internal traffic to the website. This means that every time the business owner, the CMO, the sales team, employees or even external vendors and contractors go to the site, whether to get information for a customer or prospect or to edit information, they are being tracked.

This can bloat many of the key performance metrics especially because these users don’t necessarily use the site in the same way as external audiences.

Thus, it is important to filter your internal usage (whether from your office or home) to achieve more accurate results. Learn more about how internal users navigate differently and why your marketing team or agency should create filtered views in your Google Analytics as part of your initial website set up.

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