Is Your Writing Voice Authentic?

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

With so many tips and tricks out there for improving your content marketing results, we found one method that’s bound to catch your audience’s attention…

It’s been said before, by us and others, that — in this age — consumers are in charge. They decide what they click, look at, listen to or read. We know our content must be relevant (to them) and helpful (to them) and findable (by Google, for them). But there’s another aspect of developing content that’s less talked about and worth mentioning: develop an authentic voice.

The Internet is a really big place and there’s something for everyone out there. That means that, as a recent Copyblogger post said, “whatever your beliefs, your values, or your peculiar interests, you can find a group that shares them. Whatever your “thing” is, own it. Make a virtue of it. Just be aware that, at least at work, pretty much no one loves unreliable, passive aggressive, or scary.”

So both what you say AND how you say it matter. If you’ve got a personality that people are drawn to, let it shine through your writing. If people respond to your messages in person, sprinkle that language and presentation style into your content. If your company has a brand voice, let that shine through in it content.

After all, it’s our personalities that bring these walking meat suits to life. They can do the same for our content if only we use them!

Read the full article on Copyblogger, here.

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