Write Stronger Openings

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Are your blog posts turning readers off before they get past the first paragraph?

If you can’t keep the reader’s attention past the first few lines, your posts won’t produce results. Here are a few ways to engage the reader from the beginning:

Put the reader in the story. People love to be the center of attention, and are self-centered by nature. Put the focus on the reader, and they are more likely to want to know what happens next.

Use intriguing statistics and facts. Not all facts are relevant or interesting. And sometimes even relevant facts aren’t very interesting to read. Choose wisely.

Introduce a threat, and then explain how to avoid it. Don’t give away the solution right away, you want them to keep reading!

Learn additional tips to keeping your readers’ attention, here.

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