Facebook Pages have been ignoring Facebook contest rules for as long as they have been running contests. Should you disregard the rules too?

Every day I see posts from Pages asking me to “like and share for a chance to win.” And while I might be tempted to do so for a chance at free comic con tickets or $1000 from a local music group, I am frustrated with the disregard for the rules and terms of service, especially because whenever I have run a contest, I’ve meticulously re-read those rules to ensure a client’s contest complied.

The rules have relaxed a little over the years, with Facebook no longer requiring third party apps to conduct a contest. But there are still rules that must be followed when running contests on your timeline.

Tag to Win
You can’t tag people or encourage people to tag themselves in content they are not actually in.

Share to Win
You can’t ask people to share on their timeline to enter or share on a friends’ timeline in order to enter. All entries must be done on the Pages. However, you can encourage people to share simply to share.

While you may not be penalized for breaking the rules, is it worth the risk?

See Facebook’s policies for more information on running promotions on your page.

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