There are several answers to the question “Why should I move my site to WordPress?” One thing that’s important to note early on, though, is that is the content management system (CMS) used by one of every three websites that exist today – and that number grows daily.

Savoir Faire has embraced the powerful tools of WordPress and its simpler-than-most aspects of website building for many years. In fact, we pulled one of our top clients away from an outdated CMS and built them two multi-purpose sites, one of which incorporated a complex e-commerce store. We celebrated together as the sites quickly gained traction, saw keywords bound to the top positions within organic search and made all of our lives easier.

We can easily make regular updates to the site, the client sees the regular improvements, and their customers have easy-to-navigate, logical sites to peruse. It’s been a win-win-win.

You may recall that was once upon a time every blogger’s go-to spot to write about everything from Tribbles (“Star Trek” troublemakers) to Triscuits (delicious crackers). A stigma about WordPress still lingers because it was known so well as a free blogging tool. But, WordPress has grown way beyond a blog platform, offering opportunities for businesses and individuals to build, operate and update top-notch websites (sites that happen to also contain some fantastic blogs).

So, why are there still some who hesitate to embrace WordPress’ domination of the CMS world? Here are a few reasons why WordPress may not be ideal for some small business owners:

  • WordPress makes a lot of updates to its core code- updates that are essential to keep your site functioning properly. (Your business website cannot be and shouldn’t be “set it and forget it.”)
  • Making edits to your site is easier than most CMS or knowing HTML and CSS, but still requires some training.
  • Hackers like WordPress’ open source code because it makes it easier to invade sites. Many WordPress specific hosting companies have popped up over the last two years to ensure security meets that of other content management systems.
  • Depending on the scale of your e-commerce needs, you may need a more powerful or custom solution for your store than what is currently available via WordPress plug-ins.

We’re not trying to scare you off using WordPress for your business site, but we want to be transparent about what is involved. Let’s look at those reasons above to not use WordPress, and share with you why, despite those – or even because of those – WordPress may still be a good fit for your site.

WordPress Updates

WordPress releases regular minor – and sometimes major – updates to its core codebase, and the plug-ins you use will also need routine  updates. It’s important to make sure your website is operating on the most-current version of WordPress to ensure you’re protected from potential security threats.

Remember when we mentioned your website should never be “set it and forget it?” That’s a truth we speak constantly. Your site is not a rotisserie chicken. Instead, think of it as a steak on the grill. Are you going to close the lid and hope the steak cooks fine on its own? No, you want to monitor, season, flip, adjust the heat, etc.

The same goes for your site. WordPress and plug-in updates are released for a reason, and we carefully monitor those for our site and our clients’ sites. Let us guide your site through these updates – some can be set to update automatically – to ensure your site is up-to-date and operating at an optimal rate.

Edits to Your Website

For several of our clients, we blog regularly, which means we are making updates to their sites constantly. Our designer/developer handles regular updates, but WordPress makes it pretty easy for anyone in your office to make simple text corrections like misspellings, or updates to calendar listings.

This does involve some training, and we love the teaching aspect of website maintenance. But, with some simple training, you will no longer be at the mercy of a webmaster with billable hours, just to change a “you’re” to a “your” or to add your upcoming event or a new photo.

Integrating third-party tools via plug-ins such as marketing automation, email marketing, SEO and social media can give your site more functionality. We have experience with all these and others and can help you learn which might work best for you.

Search engine optimization is also key in ensuring your site is doing what it’s supposed to do. WordPress is more out-of-the-box-SEO-friendly than some other CRMs, such as Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress Security

Hackers like WordPress, because there are some obvious pathways into its open source code when that code is not kept secure and up-to-date. WordPress plugins for security have kept every site under our care secure. Manual site monitoring can be time consuming. WordFence is a WordPress security plugin that will monitor your website and tip you off to version updates, can block IPs, look for malware and potential attacks.

We believe if WordPress’ security plugins are strong enough to secure Beyonce’s site, it’s good enough for our clients, too. What’s that line from her “Single Ladies” tune? I think it goes like this, “If they hacked it, you shoulda’ put an update on it”?

That said, having a backup of your site is imperative as hackers get more sophisticated every day. We utilize both BackupBuddy and Snapshot to backup all of our website files. We’ve seen the results in not going that route, as a restauranteur client once lost his website to a hack and had to go back to a version of the site that was 18 months old. That was a time-consuming and expensive fix.

As you can see, we like WordPress, and we can likely demonstrate to you why using it as your CMS makes good business sense. If your site is not on WordPress, we can evaluate what it will take to get it there. Or, if your site is already utilizing WordPress, we can take a look at it to ensure it’s operating where it should be. We also know WordPress is not the only game in town, and our website development team has vast knowledge with other content management systems.

We love questions about website strategy, construction and maintenance, so feel free to reach out anytime and expect a quick response.

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