Will Messenger replace email?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Email Marketing & Automation | 0 comments

The technology isn’t here — yet — but someone always seems to be predicting that something could come along soon to completely replace the tried-and-true email.

It’s been posited that messenger and messaging apps will eventually replace email. In fact, there are articles dating back to 2015 that ask if email will soon be obsolete, replaced by programs such as Slack, Messenger and other communication apps.

Inc. predicted email will be obsolete in 2020 — and that’s just next year. Email hasn’t died yet and the rumor of its demise continues to be premature.

However, we do think that Messenger and other communication apps can amplify your email marketing. Email is still a great option for sending out rich content and printable offers. Using Messenger as a tactic to drive a sense of urgency to your emails is another way to reinforce your message.

Campaign Monitor’s article does a nice job of demonstrating how one communication technology can work together with another to strengthen your efforts.

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