Why Savoir Faire Partners with a Variety of Industries

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I’ve been asked several times why Savoir Faire chooses to work with a variety of industry types instead of focusing efforts on one or two industries. The questions makes me think of Lucy and Ethel in the candy factory. Remember that assembly line of chocolates? Lucy and Ethel can’t keep up so they have to stuff their hats, smocks and mouths with globs of candy. Had they been successful, it’s sort of sad to think of that duo standing there doing the same thing time and again, five days per week for years. Lucy had way too much creative moxie for a gig like that and the Savoir Faire team is a lot like that fiery redhead.

The Same Thing Every Day Can Be Stalting

I’ve assembled a team of creative dynamos to produce all elements of successful marketing campaigns for customer types that go from doggie daycare to custom coffee to software. The thought of doing the same thing every day does not light a fire in our collective belly. One concern there is that the routine would become tedious for us, we’d look for shortcuts in the work and start making mistakes – or overlook opportunities. On the flip side, that ability to jump from client to client, from problem to problem, from challenge to challenge, keeps us on our toes and engaged. When we’re jumping around to different projects for different businesses day in and out, that creative spark has to keep firing and our focus is pin-pointed to the challenge at hand. Believe it or not, lessons I learned when creating marketing campaigns for a cafe come in handy when I’m currently devising solutions for a software engineering company.

Cross-Appropriation Works

By working in multiple industries and helping diverse clients facing different challenges, we’ve been able to broaden our horizons. The separate challenges we faced with a hodgepodge of clients gave us more context, more options and more tools to pull out of the tool box when the next challenge presented itself. With ever-growing knowledge, we can cross-appropriate some solutions from one industry to another. When working with a new client, the first step we always take is Discovery, which will lay the groundwork for a thriving campaign. It’s actually my favorite part of the process. Constantly learning, constantly staying on top of trends and changes in technology keeps us sharp. A sharp team is what you want. Plus, as Lady Gaga knows, we were …

Born This Way

A lot of other companies say that they are always learning and evolving, but reality is it rarely rises to the top of the to-do list. At Savoir Faire, we’ve got it baked in. My background  – and our content creator Corey’s background – is in journalism. That fire for discovery has been with us since our school days. Working in the news industry exposed me to a handful of different things everyday and that aligned with how my brain worked. I took to it like a duck takes to water, where others may have trouble keeping their head above water with all the things being thrown at them. This applies to rest of the team here, which makes me very lucky as a business owner. I’ve got a team that thrives with change. Thankfully, we’re all roughly similar in our ability to change gears and go deep on a project – then dive right into a different project! It suits all of us and we do great work. I guess the next time I am asked why we partner with a variety of industry types, I can simply say, “Because it works.”

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