Why is LinkedIn Important?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Many business owners, managers and other decision makers know about several social media channels currently utilized  —  at least to the degree they use them personally.

This is especially true of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, that personal use can cause marketers and business owners to question the validity of these channels (and social media in general) with regard to business and to discount all social media when planning or evaluating their digital marketing strategy.

As a result, LinkedIn, one of the most popular social channels, is often overlooked or ignored. And for some business owners, is even completely unknown.

A business owner recently asked, “What is LinkedIn?” as it pertained to social integration and his website. He didn’t feel any social media channel was relevant or useful to his type of business.

However, for business, having a LinkedIn company profile that is actively and strategically managed can be very effective in promoting a business and garnering leads, no matter what type or size business.

LinkedIn gives a business credibility and allows a business to create a profile that succinctly explains its services. It also allows businesses to connect with other businesses and with potential customers in a professional manner. However, keep in mind LinkedIn is not a popularity contest and not every connection is valuable.

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