Spending all your time completing low-priority tasks may  let you cross items off your to-do list but you’ll never get to the urgent, important or high-priority tasks that need your attention.

Carefully prioritizing your organization’s content tasks and activities will allow you to focus your efforts and avoid spending too much time on tasks that aren’t important.

It will also help you understand what is in your queue at all times and what can be deprioritized should another request land on your desk.

Often when working with several members on a team, or several clients, requests can come in which seem to  require immediate attention. Take a moment to assess the request, its actual urgency, who asked for it and where it fits in the current queue.

Additionally, make sure your prioritization evaluation parameters align with the company strategy and content strategy. You can’t necessarily define prioritization criteria that would move any “fun” project to the top of the list and mundate work to the bottom “just because.”

For more information on setting priorities to ensure you are working on the right content projects read Marcus Varner’s “Screwed Up Priorities? 5 Reasons You Aren’t Working on the Right Content Projects.”

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