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When to hire a marketing agency

by | Published on Apr 19, 2024 | Adventures in Marketing

Most businesses employ a variety of marketing strategies, many of which are chosen more for the implementer’s comfort with them than their effectiveness. If that’s the case, who’s in charge of your marketing initiatives? Is it the responsibility of a single person? Is it that person’s main objective, or is it among a variety of responsibilities? Have you ever considered when to hire a marketing agency?

The full breadth of marketing required of a modern enterprise is quite a demanding list of duties (and attendant know-how) for one (or even two) individual(s). Maybe you don’t have a designated marketing person and instead someone in sales, admin or business development picks up the slack by overseeing the marketing tasks. And maybe that has served you well. The critical question, though, is: will that get you where you want to go? 

Here are some signs indicating that it may be time to consider hiring a professional marketing agency, like Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications, for example, to bolster your efforts:

Recognizing the need for focused marketing assistance

If you observe that marketing tasks are always falling to the bottom of someone’s to-do list, or there’s an inconsistency in your efforts, it could imply that your in-house marketer is juggling too many roles. This could be a signal that specialized assistance focused solely on these tasks could be beneficial. 

When facing a new challenge or trying to address an escalating issue, the expertise of a marketing agency can prove invaluable. After all, an agency is a hub of diverse talent that can directly address the complex challenges your business faces. 

As your business grows, your marketing needs change. You might be spending money on marketing tools and campaigns without a clear understanding of your return on investment. Or, those tools and campaigns could be operating in vacuums, rather than in a coordinated effort.

Many businesses make the mistake of forcibly cross-training employees in marketing, thinking it will save money. While it may appear cost-effective on paper, in the long run, it’s a strategy filled with inefficiencies.

While supplementary skills can be advantageous, the time and effort required for a non-marketing person to come up to speed on a non-native task could reduce their impact in their major focus area. Are you willing to trade ineffectiveness in TWO AREAS to save a buck? Outsourcing marketing to specialists ensures that experts are performing these important tasks and your employees can put their focus where it belongs. After all, nothing beats the work of an experienced professional.

Employees may find it difficult to balance their primary tasks with the responsibilities of a marketer, and your marketing efforts may lack the sophistication needed to drive results. Hiring a marketing agency can mitigate these issues, offering a team of experts who dedicate their time and skills specifically to your marketing needs. 

In-house versus partnering with an outside agency

In marketing, there are multiple areas of expertise – SEO, design, development, email, websites, social media, content development, strategy, paid ads, etc. – and each of them is a specialty. Therefore, a jack of all trades won’t be as effective as a team of professionals. Or a single person with specialized outside help to complement their skills. A marketing agency charges for only the services you need, providing a high degree of financial flexibility with this investment. 

Facing a new circumstance, obstacle or dilemma? 

Whether you’re unveiling a fresh product or service, moving into a new market, scaling your operations or dealing with personnel turnover and marketing skill gaps, an external marketing agency can be exactly what you need. The unbiased perspective and diverse expertise can prove invaluable in generating marketing momentum, regardless of changes within your company. By bringing on help, you gain access to a wealth of diverse marketing talents and strategies that can help you navigate new situations. 

Outsourcing your marketing also allows for scalability. This means, when things change, you can leverage additional resources or adjust strategies on the fly – a level of adaptability that is difficult to match with an in-house team. 

Have you left marketing to last, or fallen behind due to other company priorities? A marketing agency can free you up to focus on facets of the business that need you most while they efficiently manage your marketing needs.

You may need to get a lot of marketing tasks in place quickly and economically. It’s certainly worth considering if budget is a determining factor in your decision-making process.

Unsure of the ROI?

A marketing agency is data-driven, ensuring every penny invested is utilized effectively, delivering a clear ROI. An agency can measure and continuously improve your campaigns. This approach ensures that your marketing budget is being used to its full potential, providing you with optimal results. 

Is your marketing strategy yielding returns?

Many small to medium enterprises take the leap with paid strategies such as Google ads and choose to manage these campaigns internally. However, these platforms are intricately complex and experience constant evolutions and updates, creating a steep learning curve – and costs – for those without the relevant experience.

If you find yourself making yearly investments in Google Ads but see minimal or no conversions (or worse, plenty of conversions that don’t translate into sales, it may be time to bring in a professional.

When to hire a marketing agency is a crucial question that many businesses grapple with. But, when you discover that your paid marketing strategies are resulting in lower ROI than expected, it’s a clear indication that you might need help. 

Knowing when to pivot your marketing efforts

Not only can a marketing agency bring a fresh perspective, expertise and efficiency in execution, and creative ideas to the table, they can also address new challenges or issues that your company may face. For instance, your business could find itself in a situation where there’s a sudden change in market trends or a sharp increase in competitor activity.

A marketing agency, with the requisite expertise and ability to rapidly respond to changing business landscapes, is best suited to navigate these bumpy waters and lead your business through such complex scenarios.

You may actually save money by outsourcing

Most people think that hiring a marketing agency is an expensive proposition. However, an agency can actually accomplish a variety of marketing tasks cost effectively by using their access to industry specific marketing tools and technology. Ideally, a marketing agency will bring significant cost and resource efficiencies, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

When to hire a marketing agency

Bringing aboard an external agency empowers you with diligent marketing expertise at a far lower cost than employing an in-house team with similar capabilities. The icing on the cake? You don’t even need to worry about offering them vacation days or health insurance coverage. So, whenever you’re pondering, “Is it time to hire a marketing agency?”, remember, Savoir Faire is just a call or email away.

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When to hire a marketing agency – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

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