What’s the alternative?

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Does Facebook’s recent data harvesting, privacy issues and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony have you wondering if you should #DeleteFacebook?

Unlike a paid service, where the company can generate revenue from subscriptions, Facebook relies on advertisers. Those advertisers are their customers. Users on the other hand are just a product Facebook can offer up to these advertisers.

As a user, you can either agree to the terms of service, including allowing Facebook to use your data or you can leave.

But are there any alternatives to Facebook?

Instagram and Whatsapp, both popular social media sites, are owned by Facebook, making you susceptible to the same privacy issues and data mining.

There are some paid services evolving which promise the protection of privacy. But it’s unlikely they can offer the same potential exposure for your brand. Regardless, given the privacy concerns of many users, it might be worth exploring and looking for the “next big thing” in social media and trying to predict what will or will not take off.

MakeTechEasier discusses five alternatives to facebook in a recent post. One we think looks particularly promising is Vero, which jumped from 150K users to over three million after Facebook’s breach.

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