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“Did you see that YouTube video? It was so – <funny, awesome, exciting, inspiring>.”

Today’s Internet users are watching a lot of video. And, while the conversations you hear regarding the popular video channel are often about entertaining videos that have nothing to do with purchasing products or services, YouTube is, in fact, a highly effective channel for marketing to both consumers and B2B customers. Says who? Says Google. And, since they tend to be pretty good at analyzing Internet user data, we believe them, and so should you.

A Worthy Investment

We hear a lot of B2B companies say that YouTube isn’t worth investing in, because it isn’t going to work for them. Well, with that attitude, they’re right: it probably won’t. It certainly won’t work if you don’t give it a try. You may need the help of a YouTube-savvy video marketing expert to get your plan right but, once you set your YouTube campaign in motion, it’s very likely to have an impact. Why? People are watching YouTube, and what, when, and how often they are watching it is very similar to how people watch television.

Are you one of those people who thinks a YouTube marketing campaign is a waste of time? Wait! Don’t answer that. Let’s debunk a few myths and assumptions that many B2B companies make about what people are actually watching on YouTube, when, and why. Then you can answer that question.

Common Misconceptions About YouTube Watchers

In the little over a decade that YouTube has been around, a lot has changed. Here are some common misconceptions about YouTube watchers and recent statistics to prove why they simply aren’t true.

1.    People Only Watch YouTube Videos for Entertainment.

Wrong. Google research shows that “68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.” Many people assume that people are watching YouTube videos of cats, cute animals, music, makeup tutorials and comedians. While this is true, it appears that they are also watching YouTube videos to learn more about products and services before they make a purchase.

In fact, Google states that, “The top four content categories watched by YouTube users are comedy, music, entertainment/pop culture, and “how to”.” Creating YouTube videos that explain how to use your products and/or services can result in simple, yet powerful marketing tools to generate or nurture leads.

2.    People Only Watch (Mobile) YouTube Videos During the Day and On-the-Go.

Nope. Not true. Google research confirms that, “when it comes to YouTube viewing behavior, mobile is a lot like TV: The world watches at home, during prime time, and on horizontally oriented screens.” Google has also determined that, “The top two reasons viewers watch YouTube are “to relax” and “to feel entertained.”

People are actually watching YouTube videos on their couch, in the evening, on a tablet or other mobile device, where they can relax and give videos their full attention. Creating a video that is both informative and entertaining is a perfect marketing tool that falls right in line with what YouTube users are watching.

3.    Cable Reach is Better than YouTube Reach.

Absolutely false. (Can you believe it?) Google research indicates that, on mobile alone, in an average week, “YouTube reaches more adults 18+ during prime time than any cable network does.” It’s pretty amazing how powerful the reach of this simple Internet application has come to be. While cable television has been around for several decades, YouTube was officially launched in 2005, and has grown exponentially in a much smaller timeframe.

In 2015, Google’s chief business officer Omid Kordestani said, “YouTube is now bigger than any individual U.S. cable network for the key demographic of 18-49 year olds. And, according to a 2016 survey by digital-media firm Defy Media, “YouTube topped the list of must-have video sources, with 67% of respondents agreeing they ‘can’t live without it’.” It seems like a pretty important platform; don’t you think?

4.    People Aren’t Paying Close Attention While Watching YouTube.

According to Google research, “YouTube mobile users are 2X as likely to pay close attention while watching YouTube compared to TV users while watching TV.”

With the average mobile viewing session lasting more than 40 minutes, it’s clear that users aren’t skimping when it comes to spending time watching videos. For optimal results, keep your YouTube videos short. According to Brandwatch, “The most viewed brand videos are on average 31–60 seconds long.”

Still Think YouTube Isn’t Worth It?

So, back to our original question – and time for you to give us an answer. Do you still think a YouTube marketing campaign is a waste of time?

People really are watching all types of videos on the go and at home, during the day and during prime time, more than they watch cable television, and they’re paying close attention while they watch.

Maybe it’s not so much the medium as what to say in your videos? If that’s the issue, then give us a call, because we can help. In a 30-minute phone call, we will generate at least three videos ideas that can help you connect with your potential customers.

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