These days, we seem to think we know an awful lot about what Inbound marketing isn’t. So what IS it?

“Above all, an inbound approach to marketing and sales is one that reflects the consumer — her interests, her timeline, her needs — before the company.” So says the VP of Marketing at Hubspot. While more of a guiding principle than a definition, the key to understanding how to build an Inbound program is understanding what customers and prospects want from your company.  

The difficulty of defining specific approaches and methods for this type of consumer-centered marketing lies in the fact that people change. Therefore, inbound marketing tactics must change and adapt to what people want. As a result, inbound marketing can’t always (or ever, really) be defined by a particular channel or medium, but must instead be approached as a response to consumer behavior.

For example: did you know that salespeople are seen as a last resort by modern buyers?

Read the full article by Hubspot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson here.

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