Security should be part of both your website strategy and your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of website development and website maintenance. Making website adjustments based on search engine algorithm updates is what helps your site show up when someone conducts an online search.

The focus of these efforts is often on page content, code structure, link building, and keyword analysis and optimization. But did you know website security is also an important part of your SEO effort?

Sites that are hacked or are targeted by hackers can prevent GoogleBot from crawling and indexing site content. But, according to Search Engine Journal, only 50% of site publishers monitor for hacks and hacking events.

Plugins, such as WordFence for WordPress sites, can take some of the work out of monitoring. These plugins are able to scan your site and block hackers, protecting your site and allowing Google to crawl your content.Learn more about the effects of hacking on  your site’s rankings and what you can do to reduce your risks in Roger Montti’s post “Study Shows Web Security Directly Affects SEO.”

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