Twice a month, we deliver six packs of Points of Interest directly to your inbox. But we doubled down this time around, with the lowdown on our new one-stop site page, The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Strategy, the Target of email landing pages!

Your one-stop shop

Because we believe so strongly in the power of email marketing, we’ve assembled a one-stop shop for email marketing solutions.

Think of our new web page, dubbed The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Strategy, as the Target or Walmart of email marketing spots – you can get everything you need in one place!

And, we’re not the only proponents of email marketing. Search Engine Journal released a new survey where 72% of respondents said email is the most-efficient marketing channel for nurturing leads. 

Next year, email turns the big 4-0, and we already have some adjectives in mind for email’s 2021 milestone: fit, fab and functional!

Follow this lead-gen strategy

A lead is an individual with a potential interest in what you are offering, and generating fresh leads is a must — if you want to stay in business. One tactic for lead generation is attracting an audience to your website with an offer of relevant targeted content.

This strategy allows you to collect some personal data that would allow you to nurture those leads into customers. Business 2 Community knows that marketing during the pandemic has shifted our approach, but we still need leads to keep moving forward right? This new article points to 2020 lead generation ideas:

Create specific landing pages: On that page, make a clear offer, highlighted by a call to action button.

Invest in SEO: Discover the terms people are using when asking questions about your type of service or projects, and strategically place those keywords within your site content.

Develop side-project marketing: This often entails giving free value-added content to potential customers. The goal is to generate a lot of leads, as you’re essentially trading something a lot of people want for their email address and some other basic information. Make sure your content giveaway aligns with what future products and services you want these leads to eventually pay for.

Facebook faux pas

Followers falling off on Facebook? Tweets tanking? When social engagement on your channels dips, it may mean you took some wrong turns. Forbes gathered 15 experts to help you examine and alter your social strategy in this new article.

Remember, the key to high engagement is consistent, current and engaging content. Regularly deliver what your followers seek: authenticity, creativity, education and entertainment. Yes, be unique, but keep it within your brand and voice. Consider these tactics:

  • Variety in post types is important, so your audience doesn’t get bored.
  • Look at how your audiences use and interact with your different channels to help determine which content you post where.
  • Communicate for the times and experiences we live in today. Ignoring the pandemic reeks of inauthenticity, and will turn some followers off.

The power of feelings

During a Zoom with potential new clients this week, one of the messages they felt was important was the positivity of the new company culture. But, the team struggled when asked for examples of this new culture and how it is shared throughout the organization.

How a company culture – including the rules, beliefs and actions – makes employees feel a certain way. Feelings drive our needs to the forefront of our attention, needs such as safety, connection, meaning, and autonomy.

Addressing or ignoring these needs influences the feelings, and directly affects how employees perform at work, according to an article from Strategy Business. By recognizing feelings and acting to address needs, your business can generate positive energy and create workplaces that are happier and more successful.

Shaping identity and core principles to meet employee needs is important, but so is marketing those ideals and changes in culture to your team. That can happen during in-person meetings, but in-house newsletters and emails can also spread the message.

If an updated culture is making people happier, don’t keep it a secret!

Changing one’s spots

BP, known mainly as a gas and oil company, is shifting gears toward becoming an energy company. It has acquired interests in wind energy and solar energy companies and promised a 40% reduction in gas and oil production.

Anchorage Daily News has a fascinating new article about the multiple business challenges BP faces in the days and years ahead. The major changes BP plans will likely necessitate a multi-year rebranding campaign to shift perceptions that they are no longer a petroleum company, despite the P in the name standing for that word.

“There’s a fundamental belief about our business proposition: that the world actually demands more affordable clean energy,” said Dev Sanyal, chief executive of BP’s alternative energy business and a member of the company’s executive leadership team. “Providing the energy the world needs the way that it wants it — that is a shift in our strategy.”

The article speaks to the positivity such changes can bring to the environment but also the heavy challenges BP will likely face in the short-term.

The climate change discussion is one that will be with us for the foreseeable future, which means other companies will also (eventually) shift their output as well as branding and marketing, whether because it’s the right thing to do or due to customer demand – or both.

Is Hershey Hallo-winning?

This time last year, we were writing about all of the companies you wouldn’t expect to be doing Halloween marketing that were (Pumpkin Spice Spam, for instance).

But this year, Halloween, like pretty much everything else, comes with a huge question mark. There are companies that rely heavily on Halloween for sales, such as the candy industry. Trick or treating is going to look a lot different in neighborhoods, like ghost towns with few families out and about.

Hershey’s – home to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, arguably the best candy of all-time – knows Halloween is hijacked by the pandemic, so they’re offering a plethora of ideas for fun, depending on how hot your zone is. 

Many of their celebration tips don’t directly involve candy (though they easily could), and it’s a wise move to acknowledge the current situation and offer some clever alternatives to a traditional Halloween.

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