Here at Savoir Faire we spend a lot of time with our heads down doing great work for our clients. To the point, sometimes, that we forget to pick our heads up and tell you things. Interesting things. Important things. Like that time we completely reinvented the email newsletter and never bothered to tell anyone about it.

We’ve been publishing what we call our Points of Interest for a couple years now and sending them to a small group of contacts and associates to keep them abreast of news and noteworthy updates on a variety of marketing topics. Someone mentioned to us recently that these emails might be something that other people might like to read as well.

Our Points of Interest are kind of like an email newsletter got sexy with Pinterest and had themselves a cool little baby. They’re short, to-the-point updates on topics like websites, content marketing, blogging, and Search Engine Optimization, and typically link to a larger story or article that we found particularly interesting or relevant. They live on a “wall,” where you can scroll through the accumulated POIs (as we call them), or filter by subject, should you be looking for something specific.

We have decided to expand the elite group of people who have been enjoying POIs. All you have to do is click one of the choices below to let us know where you stand on the “hearing from Savoir Faire twice a month” subject.

  1. Go ahead and subscribe me. I like you and trust that your twice-monthly emails will be relevant and valuable.
  2. I like you, and you can email me about something specific to me or a conversation we’ve had, but I’d prefer not to commit to a subscription.
  3. I’d be more interested in specific resources, but not an email subscription.
  4. I don’t like to learn new things. Don’t subscribe me.
  5. Truth be told, I don’t like you; stop emailing me.

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