Make building and growing customer relationships a top priority in 2020. It’s a new decade and you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve and didn’t know it! Utilize this sextet of tips to renew those customer vows.

Time to hire

Your rate of growth (or lack thereof) means it might be the right time to partner with a full-service marketing agency

If you didn’t finish the decade with the rate of growth you anticipated, it may be time to consider partnering with a marketing agency that can help with all aspects of your business strategies.

Here’s how you know it’s time:

  • Marketing tasks often fall to the bottom of company priorities. Your internal marketing person (if you have one) likely wears too many hats or has too many responsibilities.
  • There’s a new situation, challenge or issue to address. This is the time when a fresh set of eyes and an extra set of hands are valuable.
  • You’re trying to forcibly cross train your employees. Despite their inherent skills, not everyone is a marketer. There’s enough depth and nuance in successfully executing most marketing techniques that having an experienced partner in those disciplines will save both time and money.

If any of these areas sound like you, give this blog a read for some help to move in the right direction. 

Trends for tactics

Seeing a company ignore their existing social media channels makes us squeak, “Eek,” here at Savoir Faire. If you have them, use them, and wisely. How so? Be where your audience is, offering answers to the questions they’re asking.

Need a little kick in the pants to get going? Search Engine Journal has provided 10 social things you need to know right now, and here’s a sampling of the ones we really agree with:

  • Back to basics: Self-serving messaging takes a back seat to customer relationships. Understanding the challenges of your audience and addressing their needs is of the utmost importance.
  • Make metrics matter: If we’re making the effort to post regularly and with the mindset of building a community, it’s important to know how things are performing, so we can better focus. Social media measurement via the channels themselves can be frustrating as the tools change frequently. Having a clear way of measuring performance in place outside of the channels themselves is a smart move.
  • Stop the static: If you’re spending precious time to post, make sure it’s something people want to see. It’s time to start experimenting with short videos (video can be cheap and effective) or using some graphic elements to mix up your content. 

Don’t be content

“That’s a smoking hot post. Let’s take a break from blogging.”

What?!? No way! Just because you have some solid content that happens to be ranking really well right now does not mean that it will be that way tomorrow. Business 2 Community knows this and offers some content-based tips (and some other solid strategies that aren’t strictly on content) in a new article. We say, “Here here!” to these:

  • Educate: We’re all looking for answers online. You may hold the key to a big challenge but it will remain a secret if not presented in the right way. Become the authority on a subject by making the content focused and presented in a way that is easily digestible by your audience. Consider a white paper or quiz.
  • Get personal: Analytics provide a lot of solid information about our customers’ behavior. Don’t continue blasting everyone in your list with the same ol’ message. Personalize your email content to let your customers know you’re getting to know them and building the relationship.
  • Avoid content decay: You may have some solid information out there, but even the best content can use a little dusting off from time to time. Check to make sure your data is current. Look at ways to tweak and improve. Consider adding some infographics to really hit home your good stuff. 

I see ya’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, email is not going anywhere. It’s too strong a marketing tool. That said, you don’t have to stick to just what’s worked in the past. Consider jazzing up your email content with video, which doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Many of us have the camera and editing tools on our phones and may not even know it!

Chief Marketer recommends these three ways to use video as a customer engagement tool via email:

  • Add video to automated messages during the welcome, post-purchase and lapsed-purchase stages. Keep it simple and focus on building customer relationships.
  • Re-purpose the most-liked videos from your social media channels. Recycling content across multiple channels is a wise move.
  • Use video to tell your brand’s story by introducing top-rated products. But avoid being overly sales-y. 

CRM time

Use a customer relationship management system (CRM) to find, keep and win back your customers. What’s that, you said? “We can’t afford that.” There are several options for inexpensive, or even free CRMs. In fact, you really can’t afford not to have one, if you want to do a better job of engaging, nurturing and converting your prospects and customers.

Radio dot com offers three reasons why you can benefit with a CRM:

  • Data in one place: ACRM provides access to important information such as where your customers are located, what products or services they buy and what they might order in the future.
  • Sales strategies: Use aCRM to keep track of calls, emails and mailings sent to current and prospective customers, and see what methods have been the most and least effective to inform future strategies.
  • Maintain customer base: ACRM helps identify both successes and failures, and that knowledge helps sales and marketing develop campaigns to find new, keep current and even win back former customers.

Full team effort

Who knows the intricacies of the company better, you or the admin who handles all the incoming calls? Let’s be honest, there are members of your team who know things about the biz better than you. Why not utilize their knowledge to impact your company’s brand in a positive way?

There are some strategies around getting your team ready to boost the brand, according to a new piece in Small Business Trends:

  • Pride in partnering: Some companies include team members in conferences in an effort to advance their know-how in strengthening the brand. This inclusiveness makes them feel their value.
  • Fun workshopping: One company holds casual get-togethers where team members are asked to bring a physical item they feel embodies the brand. This type of brainstorming can reap huge rewards.
  • Content sharing: Actively seek feedback about your company’s content. If a team member feels a piece is warranted, ask them to share with friends. Also, encourage them to share content from outside the company. 

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