Want to grab your audience’s attention and keep it? By developing the right type of video content during each stage of the buyer journey, you can do just that.

In 2017, video is going to remain a huge player in content marketing. Why? One study on social ad effectiveness by Unruly showed that “Videos also are great for audience retention and can increase purchase intent by 97%.”

Juan Mendez tells us how to create the right video content for your buyers based on where they’re at in the sales funnel.

  • It’s starts with educational videos – Buyers in the awareness stage benefit most from educational videos

  • Next, you’ll need instructional videos, or “explainer videos” – Buyers in the next stage of the funnel are usually have an idea of what they need, but would benefit from an explanation of how your brand can specifically solve their problem.

  • When buyers are getting closer to making a purchase, demo videos and testimonial videos can be quite powerful.

Learn more about how to create each type of video, plus additional video ideas, here.

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