Massive amounts of data makes Google Analytics complicated to set up correctly, and difficult to decipher and interpret.

As a result of Google Analytics’ complexity, many marketers use just a few top-level charts to gauge website and SEO performance. In order to properly analyze the data collected, and adapt or respond to the performance of any digital marketing efforts, marketers must look beyond pageviews and visitors.

SearchEngine Journal recently released “6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven’t Thought Of” which outlines some useful tips to get more out of your analytics.

One tip we consistently recommend is to create custom dashboards. Dashboards will put important information at your fingertips, eliminating the need to dig through data each time you log in.

Other tips include:

  • Find your worst performing pages and identify where you can make improvements

  • Monitor your website speed

  • Study Behavior Flow and common paths visitors travel within your site

  • Set up Intelligent Events

  • Review your in-page analytics

For more on each of these, read the article from SEJ.

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