Facebook recently made two very subtle changes in their graphics. The first to the Facebook logo and the second to their ‘friends’ icon. These changes, though small, represent larger statements about the company and its brand.

Facebook, its audience  and the way people use it has changed over the years. So naturally, the logo needed to say something a little different than it did before. Facebook didn’t ditch the existing logo entirely or re-evolve the logo into something else. The change was subtle. The letters are less heavy now and the “a” has been rounded, giving the logo a more friendly, less corporate, look.

Shortly after the change to the logo, Facebook introduced a new “friends” icon. The new  icon moves the female out from behind the male and enlarges her so that she matches the vertical height of the male. Additionally, her hair has become more stylish and softened. These changes place the female user in a position of equality to the male user rather than as a secondary user. Had you noticed the changes?

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