Unearthing Sharable Content

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Sharing informative and interesting content via your social media channels can help establish credibility and build relationships.

However, unearthing great content that is relevant to your followers, prospects and customers can be difficult and very time-consuming.

Imagine spending time each day searching keywords related to your business or exploring the latest posts on any number of industry-related blogs. You could spend hours searching…and let’s not forget reading the resulting articles for their message, content and shareability.

To help reduce the time spent searching, MarketingProfs outlines four ways to discover engaging content:

  1. Explore social media networks

  2. Use content curation and content discovery tools

  3. Keep a list of industry blogs and sign up for their newsletters

  4. Look at what your audience and followers share and reshare

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