While knowing what has happened allows a CMO to report on performance results, trends allow CMOs to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Trends provide guidance directing CMOs to where the market is going. Based on Hubspot’s “State of Inbound 2015,” author Scott Lambert summarizes five trends he believes every CMO should be aware of to improve predictions and adaptability.

  1. Inbound marketing continues to rise in popularity and effectiveness, with 75% of companies preferring inbound marketing versus outbound marketing as their primary approach.

  2. Inbound marketing can require large amounts of content in various formats. Rather than shut down their efforts, more companies are using outside resources to write some or all of their content to fuel the inbound engine.

  3. CMOs are investing in marketing automation software to provide better data informing ROI thus allowing them to make better, more strategic decisions.

  4. With buyers in control of the sales process, building the relationship between sales and marketing has increased in importance, creating integrated marketing/sales teams.

  5. New best practices are emerging for CMOs who want to achieve higher marketing ROI, including a focus on inbound marketing and analytics.

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