Today’s Black Hat SEO

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

Striving for a page one appearance in search results has, over the years, motivated some SEO practitioners and web developers to practice what is known as “black hat SEO.”

In the early days of web, black hat SEO included things like keyword stuffing, utilizing competitor’s keywords and names in metadata, buying links and hiding links and terms within page content.

Over the years, search engine algorithms have changed to prevent some of these practices. However, many other black hat techniques still exist that actually do more harm than good.

Below are ten techniques. For twenty more and descriptions of each, read “30 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Run Like Hell From

  • Mirror Websites

  • Google Bombing

  • Link Bait and Switch

  • Article Spinning

  • Link Farms

  • Social spamming

  • Keyword Stuffing

  • Duplicate Content

  • Comment Spamming

  • Buying reviews/fake reviews

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