Tiny but important

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Breadcrumbs take up relatively little space on a webpage. But they provide important information to both users and Google. Yet, many sites have abandoned breadcrumbs for cleaner, less cluttered designs.

This is especially true of non-commerce sites. For some reason, as the internet has matured, developers, designers and businesses have come to view the breadcrumb as an e-commerce design/UI element only.

However, for any site, especially those with modern, simplified navigation, breadcrumbs provide an easy way for people to move between primary content and deeper level pages and to better understand the site hierarchy.

This type of breadcrumb is especially useful to users who arrive at deeper level pages from search results rather than a site’s homepage.

Breadcrumbs are suitable and recommended for just about any multi-page website; be aware there are proper ways to implement this wayfinding device.

For more on the different types of breadcrumbs, how they are used and common implementation mistakes, read “Everything You Need to Know About Breadcrumbs & SEO.”

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