Ready for the Roaring ‘20s 2.0? A new decade gets us thinking about the future and our capabilities to grow – and you might be pondering, is it time to hire a marketing agency? 

Most companies utilize some form of marketing efforts in their drive for expansion. Who currently oversees your marketing efforts?  If marketing is assigned to one person, that’s a long list of tasks (and expertise) for one individual. Perhaps there’s not a marketing person, but a salesperson or someone whose “real job” is business development and they take on all the “marketing-ish” tasks. Here’s how you know it’s time to partner with a full service marketing agency to support your efforts:

Marketing tasks often fall to the bottom of company priorities 

This may indicate your internal marketing person wears too many hats or has too many responsibilities. If you have social media accounts but haven’t posted to them consistently – or for a long time – that’s an indicator that an extra hand, focused on that task, could make a difference. 

There’s a new situation, challenge or issue to address 

If you’re launching a new product or service, or expanding in any way, a fresh set of eyes and an extra set of hands are valuable. Alternatively, if you’re downsizing and have to lay off a number of people who handle marketing tasks, you may be able to sustain your marketing efforts with the help of an external partner. 

You’re spending money and don’t have a clear ROI

Often, small- and medium-sized businesses will jump into paid strategies like Google Ads or other platforms and manage those campaigns in house. The problem is these platforms are extremely complex, and they evolve regularly, making it costly for someone inexperienced. If you’re spending annually on Google Ads and seeing few or zero conversions, you might want to bring in an expert. 

You’re trying to forcibly cross train your employees 

Are you asking your one- or two-person staff questions like, “How easy would it be for you to develop a website?” or “I know you’re a content writer, but do you know anything about SEO?” There’s enough depth and nuance in successfully executing most marketing techniques that having an experienced partner in those disciplines will save both time and money.  

You need to get a lot of marketing tasks in place on the cheap 

A comprehensive marketing team of one or two people is a fallacy. Typically, a professional marketer will have a primary and a secondary skill set. If you’ve got one or two people, you may have a few disciplines covered. But what if your company would benefit from a full marketing program? 

Consider that a team of five mid-career (read: experienced) professionals would come with salary expectations between $60K and $120K per year, plus another 25% in benefits. An external full service marketing agency, on the other hand, could uncover needs, challenges and opportunities; build a website or other digital infrastructure; develop a marketing strategy; and execute that strategy – for a fraction of that cost. 

Working with an external partner allows you to secure marketing expertise for a fragment of the cost of hiring for those same capabilities in house. And you don’t need to provide us with health insurance. So when you’re ready to answer positively to the question,” Is it time to hire a marketing agency,” we’re here for you.

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