Don’t make users think. Try to be obvious and self explanatory.

People hate when things don’t make sense. They grow accustomed to how things work. And they don’t want them to change. Including websites.

Design and UX conventions applied across sites on the world wide web allow people to navigate quickly and without having to exercise their brain cells. They like it this way. They don’t want to have to think.

Make your site scannable. Not only do we not want to think, we don’t want to read. Use headlines and lists and keep paragraphs short.

Utilize hierarchy in your layouts. If something is important, put it at the top or make it stand out on your page. You don’t want people to have to hunt for the good stuff.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. People aren’t big fans of change especially for the sake of change. Make sure the change is something your audience will be happy with in exchange for any time or effort they invested in learning something new.For more on these and seven other design mistakes to avoid, read “10 Small Design Mistakes We Still Make” from UX Planet.

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