Considering a rebrand? One branding expert suggests following the 5 R’s for best results.

The 5 R’s of rebranding, according to a recent Forbes article, are as follows:

  • Revitalize.
  • Reposition.
  • Rename.
  • Redesign.
  • Rebrand.

Revitalizing your brand means taking your existing message and making it stronger, fresher, and more compelling. Repositioning involves looking at your message from a different point of view, and communicating this to your audience.

Renaming – changing your business name or your tagline to better reflect your message – is sometimes necessary during a rebranding project. However, it’s important to be careful not to confuse your existing audience in the process.

Redesigning is almost always necessary when rebranding, as your website and other brand identity products must be redesigned to match your updated messaging and/or any name changes.

A total rebrand would involve all of the above strategies, while many businesses choose to focus on one or a few of the 5 R’s. Read more about this philosophy on

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