Sneaking a peek at Facebook, a YouTube video, an email, or stealing a moment for a quick scroll through Instagram or Twitter is a common activity for smartphone users.

The information comes quickly and users have adjusted to processing and absorbing information at higher rates in shorter time periods.

According to AdAge, research shows that three-fourths of people in the US say their phones are always with them and half of those stated they check their phones more than 30 times per day!

As such, content consumption differs greatly on a mobile device versus desktop, television or other medium.

Though users are moving quickly through mobile feeds, exceptional content is memorable. According to a Fors-Marsh test, “people can recall mobile news feed content at a statistically significant rate after only 0.25 seconds of exposure.”

That pretty much turns old-school thinking about frequency on its head – provided you’re posting something worth remembering!

Learn more about why understanding mobile content consumption is critical for advertisers from AdAge.

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