The psychology of sharing

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Of course we want people to engage with and share the content we’ve worked hard to create. But not all content is worth sharing.

Even if your content is perfectly accurate, grammatically correct and beautifully formatted, it may not resonate with users on a deep enough level to compel them to share with their colleagues, friends or peers.

People share content based on their emotions.

They share to satisfy fundamental needs to be heard, to be understood and to matter.  They share to get a laugh, to generate discussion, to promote ideals. They share because of some personal benefit or emotional gain that sharing provides.

Ultimately, they share for validation and to build relationships — to show humor, to show empathy, to show they are in the know — and to then have others validate their position or their reaction to content either through social engagement or “likes.”

In light of these hypotheses, iScoop asked a number of highly-shared digital marketers to think about the psychology of sharing and to offer some tips for content marketers who are trying to get their content shared.

Read more in “Content sharing and storytelling: why and how people share content.

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