The Power of Social Media

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Social media’s influence on our daily lives has become incontrovertible.

Think social media doesn’t matter that much? Think again.

Online shoppers have proven that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest help them make purchasing decisions. Some use it to find specific store locations, while others use it to gather reviews, images, and other information about a company and its products/services.

A recent Jeff Bullas blog post says, among these three popular social networks, Twitter is the top social media platform for new product discovery, at 35%, followed by Facebook (31%), and then Pinterest (25%).

Additionally, 43% of online shoppers find additional information about products on Pinterest, while 26% and 25% of customers respectively use Twitter and Facebook to do product research.

Testimonials and recommendations are one of the biggest ways in which social media influences our buying habits, with 32% of shoppers using Twitter to recommend products and services, 26% using Pinterest, and 19% using Facebook.

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