The Evolution of the Blog

by | May 25, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

The types, formats, and lengths of blogs are constantly evolving, based on user behavior and attention spans. Right now, there are a few hot trends in blogging for you to consider.

Blogging used to be a lot less complex than it is today. It used to be more about text than anything else. There was less attention paid to formatting the text to include sub-headers, bulleted lists, charts, and more. Sometimes there were photos included, and sometimes not.

More recently, though, bloggers are including various types of media in blog posts, and formatting text has become increasingly significant. We now add recorded videos, live streams, audio clips, gifs – in addition to images – in hopes of inspiring more engagement with our blog content.  

Further, the length of blog posts has been increasing as well. Gone are the days of the 300-500 word blog posts – for the most part. According to Search Engine Land, the most popular posts in 2016 (based on pageviews) were approximately 2,000 words long.

Find out more about current blogging trends in this article from Advertise World.

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