Team Savoir Faire Is On the Move

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Two-thirds of American companies have team members working remotely (according to Talent LMS)—and you can include Savoir Faire in that list. The team is bouncing around geographically!

  • Principal Stephanie purchased a home late last year.
  • Designer/developer Janna headed down to South Carolina with her family earlier this summer.
  • SEO/analytics guru Ben now splits time between New Hampshire and Florida.
  • Content creator Corey is in the process of shifting to the seacoast.

The fantastic thing is, with all this activity, our connection remains strong. Almost all of our tasks (can) happen working virtually. Rarely are more than two of us in the same space for the weekly project catch-up meeting. One of us might be at a free Wi-Fi coffee shop. Or waiting to board a plane. Or holding down the fort as a hurricane approaches.

But, technology keeps us all plugged into the important aspects of projects. In fact, as this post is drafted, we’re about to jump on an impromptu call to discuss details for a client’s website development. (Corey is writing this from his “Dunkin’” office, rear corner booth.)

Steph historically gravitates toward working with folks who are within 50 miles of Savoir Faire’s home base. She digs the ability to get around a table with the team when the need arises. Often, the connection is deeper, meaning the work is better. The ability to develop team culture is smoother when sharing the same space, Steph says.

For a long time, she resisted a fully-virtual, fully-dispersed team. However, the team we have now is exceptionally strong, exceptionally connected to each other and exceptionally talented (her words).

“I always said, ‘The number one benefit I give my team is flexibility,’ and now I have to put my money where my mouth is,” Steph added.

Thus far, things are going very well. We possess all the required digital tools to successfully collaborate. Sure, some days Steph is a little forlorn, wandering around the office looking for Janna and Ben. But, we have a Janna-sicle and Ben-sicle when needed (and they can’t object to any photos we take with them for social media).

Yes, there are times when it feels like there are voices missing and it makes sense for us all to be together, so we have to focus strategically and be open to adjustments when that needs to happen. We’re looking forward to October when we will all be in one room together to work on an exciting, new, top secret in-house project.

One more thing, a funny thought just popped to mind. One piece of content we developed for a client claims, “You don’t have to be in the same zip code to do great work together.” Now, we’re proving it, too!

This checklist could help you prevent a few headaches:

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