Talk about customer service!

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Something AMAZING just happened.ER Cleaners

I picked up dry cleaning on Friday and a pair of pants was missing from the order. The friendly associates at E&R Cleaners told me the pants would be in on Monday morning. I told them I was traveling for business on Tuesday and that it was important I get the pants.

At 9:50 this morning, my phone rang. It was one of the girls from E&R telling me the pants were in and that they’d be there until 6:30 tonight. Good customer service, right?

HA! The powers that be at E&R scoff at mere customer service!

At 1:50 this afternoon, the phone rang again. It was another of the girls at E&R telling me that the big boss had told them to close down at 3 p.m. today because of Hurricane Sandy. They wanted to make sure I knew they were closing and they knew how important it was for me to have the pants for my trip. She also said she didn’t know if they’d be open tomorrow and that the big boss was going to play it by ear with the weather.

I told them my flight tomorrow had been canceled, thanked her several times for calling again and told them they had gone way above and beyond. She was sheepish in her response. She said, “well, we knew it was important that you get those pants for your trip.”

Great marketing starts with great customer experiences and E&R Cleaners has done that for years. I’m always pleased with my interactions with the company. Today’s experience was merely the cherry on top, and it was delicious!

Kudos to E&R cleaners. Kudos to the big boss for not only taking care of his people and getting them home safely before the storm, but also for creating a culture of superior customer service. Bravo!

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